Chico betia en hermanos pai

Chico bestia en hermanos pie

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Beast Boy consigue un trabajo en la tienda de pasteles de Mother Mae-Eye para comprar un costoso regalo de cumpleaños a Cyborg, pero su trabajo puede provocar que se

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Cyborg y chico bestia en hermanos pie

pierda el partido de Cyborg y perder a su mejor amigo .

comienzo del episodio

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"Hermanos Pie"


"I Love Pie"



Cyborg Beast Boy

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Robin Starfire Raven Mother Mae-Eye (Debut)


"And thats why your my best friend!" -Cyborg "And that is why ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is why he's guilty beyond the shadow of the doubt." -Beast Boy

"Oh, Gross! Gross, gross gross! What is that squiggly thing?! You mean that's whats inside of people?" -Beast Boy

"After much research, i have decided to hold the festivities for Cyborg here." -Starfire

"And there will be a game called called pin the tail on the donkey! Do you think this spike will be sufficient for tail-pinning?" -Starfire

"Uh, yeah! That's about right." -Raven respondiendo a Starfire

"I love pie." -Beast Boy

"I love you and pie." -Cyborg respondiendo a Beast Boy